Our Services

Kitchen Staff:

Here at EMPower Staffing we know how important it is to have the right employees working together to exhibit the hard work that goes into food production. We can provide you with trained cooks of all levels to assist in ensuring food production quality. All levels of cooks are well trained in food presentation and production and will consistently surpass your expectations.

Banquet and Convention Staff:

Whether it's a one day event or a week-long convention, EMPower Staffing can provide you with coverage you need, from banquet servers to kitchen staff. We have trained professionals that will represent your event and meet your goals and the expectations of your clients.

Sports Stadiums

EMPower Staffing Solutions is California's leading culinary staffing company for sports stadiums. We take great pride in providing our clients with well trained staff for their culinary needs. EMPower is able to supply our stadiums with concessions staff. We are successful at meeting our clients staffing needs and numbers as we continue to grow.

Bar Service:

If you need one bartender for a private party or twenty for an event, we can staff you with skilled bartenders or cocktail servers. All of our bar personnel are tested and trained to provide the fastest and most effective service to your event or party.

Permanent Placement Options:

Look at EMPower Staffing as an addition to your HR department. You won't have to deal with applications, hiring, terminating, payroll, taxes, interviews, schedules, or insurance claims.

We staff the right employees when you need them to allow you to focus on the larger picture of running your business. Our temp-to-hire program is designed to insure that we are staffing the right person for your needs. You have the option to test the employee you are thinking of hiring for a day or even a month before you commit to bringing our employee on board.

Event Management:

EMPower Staffing can staff, supervise, and manage any event or function. Our capability to handle all aspects of your event, including human resources, payroll, and hiring makes EMPower Staffing perfect for companies that demand large amounts of employees in a short period of time. Please contact us with any questions.